With executive experience at Warner, Universal and Sony, Morris’ knowledge of the music industry has few rivals. Read the story at SmartPlanet.

O’Donnell’s Party Wall opens at MoMA PS1

Assistant professor of architecture Caroline O’Donnell isn’t normally one for big speeches. At the June 27 opening of her installation Party Wall, in the courtyard of MoMA PS1 in Long Island City, however, she made an exception.

Disruptor | Tom Potter, co-founder of the Brooklyn Brewery and the New York Distilling Company

“There is more money chasing good ideas than there are good ideas, so if you have a good idea, it’s a beautiful time,” serial entrepreneur Tom Potter explains one afternoon in April. Fortunately for Potter, good ideas have a way of seeking him out.

Disruptor | Joe Boardman, Amtrak CEO

Overlooking the nerve center of Amtrak, a control room with neon lights and switchboards resembling a Shatner-era Starship Enterprise, Amtrak CEO Joe Boardman looks like a man out of time. Even in context, Boardman has little of the Teflon sheen of Washington. His moustache is worn without irony. The coffee he carries with him today isn’t Starbucks; it’s Dunkin’.

Disruptor | Sheila Bair, former F.D.I.C. chair

Former Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation chair Sheila Bair hardly fits the stereotype of a Beltway insider. She never flies first class. She doesn’t have an Ivy League degree. She wasn’t born in the Northeast. Of course, none of that prevented a protester from associating her with the insularity of Washington.

Escape from a “Necrocracy”

In North Korea, the hunger games have been raging for quite some time.

Detroit Might be the Place for Young People to Write a Story of Their Own

The late Gore Vidal once described this country as “the United States of Amnesia.” Yet when it comes to bohemia, memories tend to linger. Instead of a lacuna, we’re left with something bittersweet yet potent, like the final flicker of the last bonfire of summer.

Weight and Wit

Nora Ephron’s light touch was no accident.

The Debate X Factor
HOW does a tiny regional college in Danville, Ky., with just over 1,300 students attract 29 million TV viewers? Host a debate.

A New Schoolyard, Decorated in Pinstripes
A worn-out schoolyard that was gloomy and hazardous is now bathed in bright colors and fitted with new basketball hoops and a baseball diamond. And for an hour on Monday, it was decorated with a splash of pinstripes — Yankee pinstripes.